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i am looking for marriage with bbw or ssbbw !

I love movies where its okay to laugh out loud. With that said I love to laugh at anything including myself. I am a great listener, compionate, caring, and goofy. I love family and everything that goes with it, the good and the bad. I feel everyone has a story to tell and everyone has something to offer. I am real not a spam!! there are lots of ladies profiles since 7 years ago and may be older ! which meaning it is wasted time to nudges ~ why there is no policy to delete account if the owner didn't here more than 1 month ?!

I work full time & love cars need friends also i would like to join smart team work in cars !!out of my country,..only!!is a must !!!!!Of course there should be some sexual activities. You should never buy a car without test driving the engine, just saying.!i'm looking for friendship,friends with potential. Fun ambitious smart and caring! no drugs users please !!!!!i am graduated & educated as well!!It seems the women don't even read your profile Is this site simply for shallow, desperate women who just want meaningless sexual encounters?!

there is no respect at all when you view someone profile without send a message for him or her after he or she wink or nudge at you !! at least say no or hi i am not interested ! something like that ! just say ! it is worldwide site ,so no place for racist over here !!!

respect everyone culture is a key for any kind of commitment !!

divorce destroys family and kids !!!! i do not eat garlic or pork ! i hate both of them please be dd free as I have proof that I am dd free!. Please no pervs! And you must be a grown woman who knows how to have a great time cause I truly need to be shown a great time! Not just s*x! A good grown up conversation would be ideal along with a night of laugher! I have two kids, and don't want anymore.!!!! a man seeks a trustworthy woman must have her life together including job and apartment!!!I will reply to everyone's message, even if its a polite 'thanks but no thanks' hopefully you'll do the same in return x!!!! really i hate late respond it's disrespectful to dignity&if you do not have time to know me why you even add me as a friend?! ignore someone is very bad thing at least say yes or no also i hate someone to compare me with any person or put me into any competitive !! .i am smoker&STRAIGHT,I am a good listener, honest, trustworthy, and will be your best friend.I definitely have respect for people who will "give it to me straight." If I screw up, I admit it. If I think something isn't right, I'll say so. Honesty is important to me. The truth hurts sometimes, but I whole-heartedly believe it's better in the long run. I also think that if you can't take any bs as well as you can dish it out...nd cheaters i have a temper but rarely ! !!!I'm not rich. I don't have an awesome job!!!no one is perfect.!!! I believe that family is important!!! If you have a criminal record, use chemical substances, I'm not the man you are looking for. Not being judgmental. I have a live and let live view of the world but know what I'm not looking for.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !i am married it's complicated ! I'm fed up !i am muslim but not racist or terrorist! Also if you want to talk to me message me! I tend to be a bit shy at first and don't normally message people first. That and I'll be honest I don't like rejection and I know i m not the best man out there and everybody has their own taste its a part of life. So I don't really like wasting peoples time that's not interested! i am a humble man,but not begging people for money!! i love bbw and ssbbw !! if anyone can let me move from my country please let me know!!i have a great knowledge about cars!! !! I am very direct (I am much more aware of how to say something directly without hurting your feelings, but I am human and make mistakes). I absolutely do not hold on to anger it does not serve me or others. my pc is old and not support many programs P.S. IF you take the time to actually read my profile and have come this far in reading, please be aware that I DO NOT give my email, or text, etc. UNLESS you actually tell me something about yourself AND note similar interests we may have. will treat you as I would like to be treated myself. alot depends on who you are with at the time. Having a high sexual drive, but also a very good self-control. STD-free and don't want to change that.!!!!

I also would like to practice English. I learned it in school many years ago... so please forgive any mistakes I am not materialistic and I don't play games!Email me to know more. Interested in finding someone interesting to chat with about different topics. Whether we chat about contemporary subjects, or debate which it would be coolest to be - just to have a real conversation where you actually listen to each other and absorb the other person's point of view - that would be a most refreshing change.just give me the right job in cars sectors and i'll move to usa ,uk,australia , germany ,canada or newzeland Never make someone a priority in your life when your only a choice in theirs. all people men and women need visa to another country so what's the wrong in that ??!any women find that wrong do not contact me !!! The most important thing I am looking for in a woman is: The ability to communicate honestly & to be respectful of one another. To understand past experiences have made a person who they are & to be accepting of that. Someone who truly wants >CAIRO EGYPT