Guest ,

I wasnt going to comment on this but changed my mind because its a really strange topic...Ok i have a scar from when i was glassed when i was younger and was actually pretty proud of it years ago especially when the stitches were still in place but i have changed my mind on scars especially when they are openly visable on peoples faces,head,neck throat etc.I live in Scotland which is notorious for knife crime and when you go to glasgow you cant walk down Argyll st without seeing at least one person with a mars bar ( this is when someone is slashed across the face.)
The reason i dont think its cool to have a visable scar above your shoulders is because i was talking to a young lad in a pub a few years ago and he had been involved in a car crash and had a few scars openly visable on his face and he told me about all the grief he gets from people wanting to fight with him because they assume he recieved these wounds from being involved in violence.The poor guy burst out crying in front of me after telling me about what happened to him and the prospect of some dick coming up to him and saying something like "Do you think your a hard man then"?
I dont know what its like in other parts of the uk but in glasgow area people either dont want to talk to you because they are scared of you or as said above some dick wants to give you more scars..Also anyone who doesnt know you instantly assume the worst in you when they see scars on you.